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Flights and transfers


Our preferred airport is Munich.  Nominated flights noted below.

If you are travelling from other parts of the UK and wish to book different flights to those detailed below then please discuss with us in advance of booking flights to ensure that we are able to provide a transfer for you.

Once you have booked your flights please email us your flight details (including airline, flight numbers, departure and arrival airports and flight times) to enable us to coordinate your transfers to and from the resort.

Standard transfer supplements

Salzburg:  £100 per person return

Munich:  £170 per person return

A minimum of 5 people on the same flights below are needed before the standard transfer price applies.  If guests are on different arrival flights and a flight is delayed all guests are likely to need to wait for the delayed flight.

Private transfer supplements

Salzburg airport private transfer:      £250 each way for up to 4 people
Munich airport private transfer:       £420 each way for up to 4 people

Salzburg flights

Currently Ryanair flights from Stansted and British Airways from Gatwick are both running Saturday to Saturday as detailed in our flight grid below.  Both airlines have cancelled these flights at short notice in previous years.

Guests are welcome to book Salzburg flights.  However, please note that if these flights are cancelled and guests rebook for Munich at the last minute then we will do our best to reorganise transfers but are unable to guarantee transfers (will be dependent upon transfer supplier availability).



Outbound Heathrow to Munich – BA0952 dept 12:05, arrv 15:00 (guests are welcome to book flights landing in to Munich earlier but may need to wait for this flight for transfers).

Inbound:  Munich to Heathrow – BA0927 dept 14:35, arrv 15:40


Outbound:  Manchester to Munich – LH2501 dept 10:55, arrv 13:55 (guests arriving on this flight may need to wait for Heathrow BA arrivals landing 15:00)

Inbound:  Munich to Manchester – LH2054 dept 15:45, arrv 16:55 (guests departing on this flight or later flights may need to depart along with guests on BA 14:35 departure flight.)



Outbound: Gatwick to Salzburg – BA2624 dept LGW 9.10, arrv SLZ 12.10 (guests arriving on this flight may need to wait for Stansted Ryanair flight landing 15:05 or the BA flight lands 15:30)
Heathrow to Salzburg – BA0682 dept HRW 12:30, arrv SLZ 15:30 (Saturday 7 December only)

Inbound: Salzburg to Gatwick – BA2625 dept SLZ 13.25, arrv LGW 14.25 (there are a number of later BA flights to both Gatwick and Heathrow on Saturday 14 December – if you wish to book these flights you are likely to transfer along with guests departing on the BA 13:25 flight)


Outbound: Stansted to Salzburg – FR304 dept Stansted 12.15, arrv SLZ  15.05

Inbound:  Salzburg to Stansted – FR305 dept SLZ 15.50, arrv Stansted 16.50 (guest departing on this flight may need to depart along with guests on BA 13:25 departure flight)


Please note that the flights above are the nominated ones that we collect from and drop off too and the standard transfer supplement price above applies if you have checked in advance that we can provide a transfer for you.  A minimum of 5 people on the same flights above are needed before the standard transfer price applies.

However, we wish to be able to provide as much flight flexibility as possible.

  • If you wish to book different flights then please check before booking to ensure that we are able to provide a transfer for you.
  • On arrival if you prefer to book an earlier flight coming in to Munich we are able to provide a transfer but would ask you to wait for arrivals on the nominated BA flight from Heathrow above*.
  • If you prefer not to wait and wish us to arrange a private transfer for an earlier arrival into Munich this can be provided at an additional supplement.
  • If you book later flights arriving in to either Munich or Salzburg there would be a supplement for a private transfer if you would like us to arrange your transfer.
  • On departure if you prefer to book any of the later flights returning home from Munich we can accommodate but you are likely to go on an earlier transfer to coincide with the flight stated above**.
  • If you book earlier flights returning home from either Munich or Salzburg we would ask you to arrange your own transfer on we can arrange a private transfer at the quoted prices above.
  • Should any flight other than the nominated ones be delayed you may have to make your own way to resort and claim the cost from the airline or your travel insurance.
  • Please note that it is a longer transfer from Munich, therefore, we need to coordinate arrivals ensuring that minibuses to and from Munich airport are full. We know that you’ll be keen to get to resort as soon as possible but you may need to wait at the airport for other incoming flights. Until guests start to book flights we won’t know how long this might be and consequently won’t be able to guarantee waiting times, however, we’ll do our best to minimise this. We suggest flights arriving mid to late afternoon would be best but please liaise with the UK sales office before booking your flights.