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Race Training: Level 1

Here we look at what carving is, why we use it and how to do it. Why do the very best skiers make skiing look effortless?

Through a range of drills, video and practice we endeavour to get to grips with the basics and then put our new found technique and understanding into practice all over the mountain.

An example day may see us discuss some of the main principles involved in making a solid carved turn, balance. What is balance? And why is it so important? Why do we ski on the edge of the ski? We discover how you can make your skiing faster, easier and safer.

This is aimed at skiers who have little or no experience in gate training but would like to test themselves in more challenging situations.   To join this course you must be a Level 5 on our ski ability chart and enjoy skiing fast.

We firmly believe that race training is one or if not the best way to develop your skiing quickly.  There is a mixture of technical training and “short gate” training.  All our coaches have expertise in this area, having either coached at a higher level or skied at an elite level (both Natalie and Sophie are past members of the British Ski Team).

The terrain in Kaprun is particularly suited to race training.  We have our own lane space, beautifully prepared piste and terrain ideally suited to skier development.

Race Training: Level 2

This level is particularly suited to skiers who have experience and might well have been competing or training for ski instructor qualifications (Level 8 or above on our ski level chart).

Once again the course isn’t simply about running up and down gates all day.    You start the day with a thorough technical warm up, there is a mixture of slalom and giant slalom involved.  The course will focus on how to improve your line and timing in the gates.

There is a motto in ski coaching that you ‘set for success’ and all our coaches are very experienced and have the ability to set courses which not only challenge you but develop your skiing.