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Technical Course:  Level 1

For skiers at level 5 and above on the Skivolution Ski Level Scale. The focus is on developing carving.  Here we use lots of specific exercises to improve carving skills.  Starting on easy terrain the coach will work specifically on your carving technique with a high emphasis on the accurate use of both edges and early pressure and edge change at the top of the turn.

Once this is achieved we will move on to more challenging terrain but with the focus still on carving.  This course will also focus (as all courses do) on the importance of being balanced on your skis.  We will work on specific exercises to develop this.

Have a look at the 2 videos below to get a feel for some of the technical drills.

Without good balance, it’s almost impossible to achieve real development.  The course is aimed at intermediate skiers who are keen to improve their technical level.  At Skivolution we passionately believe that solid technique is the key to improving all aspects of your skiing.

This course is aimed at skiers who confidently ski on blue and red runs but struggle on hard snow and in controlling their speed as the terrain gets steeper.

Technical Course: Level 2

This is also a drill based course with challenging exercises aimed at further developing your carving skills. The idea is to give your skiing a fluidity and ease which comes with high level carving.

Skiers enrolling on this course would confidently be able to carve their skis on blue runs and now want to create bigger edge angles and learn how to tighten up their turns whilst still using the edge of their skis.  They would want to develop more lateral movement in their skiing with early and forward pressure at the top of the turn.  These are key elements in performing  this and to this end our coaches use various drills to develop your  carving skills.

We would also use short training gates to challenge the skiers and to test their abilities to carve tighter radius.  Towards the end of the course we would work on short turn carve in the fall line.

As ever, video will be an integral part of the process and the level would have to be a Level 6 or above on the Skivolution scale.