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Flights and transfers

If you are travelling from other parts of the UK and wish to book different flights to those detailed below then please discuss with us in advance of booking flights to ensure that we are able to provide a transfer for you.

Once you have booked your flights please email us your flight details (including airline, flight numbers, departure and arrival airports and flight times) to enable us to coordinate your transfers to and from the resort.

Transfer supplements

Salzburg:  £90 per person return

Munich:  £160 per person return

  • Salzburg flights (from Gatwick)

    Please note that there is one BA flight from/to Gatwick and Salzburg on Saturdays which arrives and departs very late in the day.  There are currently flights available on the Friday to arrive the day before and on the Sunday to depart a day later.  Why not extend your holiday and explore and enjoy the beautiful city of Salzburg for a couple of nights.

    Salzburg flights (from Stansted)

  • Please note that the Ryanair Stansted to Salzburg flights are now running but may be subject to cancellation.
  • FR306 – dept Stansted 06:35hrs, arrive Salzburg 09:30hrs
  • FR307 – dept Salzburg 10:10hrs, arrive Stansted 11:10hrs



Arrive Saturday 13, 20, 27 November, 4 December 2021

BA0926 depart Heathrow 10:50hrs, arrive Munich 13:45 hrs

Depart Saturday 20, 27 November, 4, 11 December 2021

BA0927 depart Munich 14:35hrs, arrive Heathrow15:40hrs




Arrive Saturday 13, 20, 27 November, 4 December 2021 

BA2652 depart Gatwick 15:50hrs, arrive Salzburg 18:50hrs

Depart Saturday 20, 27 November, 4 December 2021

BA2653 depart Salzburg 20:05hrs, arrive Gatwick 21:10hrs

Depart Saturday 11 December 2021

BA2655 depart Salzburg 13:25hrs, arrive Gatwick 14:25hrs

(If you wish to book a later return flight from Salzburg please be aware you may depart resort earlier to accommodate departures on the 13:25hrs flight from Salzburg)


Alternatively you may prefer to arrive on the Friday and depart on the Sunday with flight times of your choosing.  Why not stay over on the Friday and Saturday nights and enjoy what Salzburg has to offer.  We will transfer you from and to Salzburg on both Saturdays.



Arrive Saturday 13, 20, 27 November, 4 December 2021

LH2501 depart Manchester 10:55hrs, arrive Munich 13:55hrs

Departing Saturday 20, 27 November, 4, 11 December 2021

LH2504 depart Munich 15:45hrs, arrive Manchester 16:55hrs

Please note that the flights above are the nominated ones that we collect from and drop off too and the standard transfer supplement price above applies.  However, we wish to be able to provide as much flight flexibility as possible.

If you wish to book different flights then please check before booking to ensure that we are able to provide a transfer for you.

  • On arrival if you prefer to book an earlier flight coming in to Munich we are able to provide a transfer but would ask you to wait for arrivals on the nominated BA flight from Heathrow above*.
  • If you prefer not to wait and wish us to arrange a private transfer for an earlier arrival into Munich this can be provided at an additional supplement of £300 per person (one way).
  • If you book later flights arriving in to either Munich or Salzburg there would be a supplement for a private transfer if you would like us to arrange your transfer.
  • On departure if you prefer to book any of the later flights returning home from Munich we can accommodate but you are likely to go on an earlier transfer to coincide with the flight stated above**.
  • If you book earlier flights returning home from either Munich or Salzburg we would ask you to arrange your own transfer.

BA tend to make a lot of changes to their Salzburg flight routes so please advise if the BA schedule does not tie in with the above flight.

Please note that it is a longer transfer from Munich, therefore, we need to coordinate arrivals ensuring that minibuses to and from Munich airport are full. We know that you’ll be keen to get to resort as soon as possible but you may need to wait at the airport for other incoming flights. Until guests start to book flights we won’t know how long this might be and consequently won’t be able to guarantee waiting times, however, we’ll do our best to minimise this. We suggest flights arriving mid to late afternoon would be best but please liaise with the UK sales office before booking your own flights.