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Skivolution Ltd has taken great care with all the arrangements that concern your holiday and the contents of our website. We ask you to read the following conditions carefully before completing the online booking form. If you have any queries regarding any of the following points please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  1. PAYMENT: Please complete the online booking form and arrange an initial deposit payment of £200 per person per week.   This will confirm your provisional holding option.  Our only method of payment is by bank transfer and details can be obtained from our UK office.  The total balance of the holiday is due no later than 8 weeks prior to arrival in resort. If payment is not received within this period the booking may be treated as cancelled and we reserve the right to retain the deposits which have been paid. If booking within 8 weeks of arrival in resort the full balance payment is due.   
  1. CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT: Notice of this is required in writing or will be taken as cancelled by the client if a no show in resort on the date of arrival.  If the deposit only has been paid then this will be retained in full by Skivolution Ltd.  If the full balance payment has been paid, then the cancellation charge is 100% of all monies paid (including the deposit).  If the cancelled place is refilled by Skivolution Ltd at a later date the cancellation charges will still apply.

Please note that all notifications of cancellation should be made by email to cancellations@skivolution.co.uk.

  1. CANCELLATION OR CHANGE OF ACCOMMODATION BY SKIVOLUTION LTD: In the unlikely event we have to cancel your holiday, all monies paid to date to Skivolution Ltd will be refunded (except in the circumstances detailed below at condition 5). In the event that your specified accommodation becomes unavailable or we need to move you to another accommodation for business reasons, Skivolution Ltd retains the right to offer alternative accommodation.  If you elect not to accept this alternative accommodation then all monies paid to date (including your deposit payment) to Skivolution Ltd will be refunded.  No other payment would be applicable in either of these instances. 
  2. COVID-19 REFUND TERMS:  This condition shall apply to any bookings taken by Skivolution Ltd for the 2021/22 winter ski season.
  • Provided payment has been made in accordance with condition 1 above, in the event that the UK FCD&O Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions to Kaprun, Austria or similar restrictions imposed on entrants to Kaprun, Austria from the UK or Germany by the Austrian Government or the entry in to Germany by the German government if flying in and out of Munich airport, are in place within 2 weeks of departure to resort you shall be entitled to cancel your holiday in writing on that date and receive a refund of all monies paid.  Alternatively, if there are no restrictions in place as described here 2 weeks before your departure to resort but they are then put in place after this point you will have the opportunity to cancel your holiday in writing on that date and receive a refund of all monies paid.
  • As we would not be able to refund in the following circumstances we advise you to check that your insurance will cover you: if you have arrived in resort and COVID-19 has any impact upon your holiday; if you have tested COVID-19 positive; if you are required to self isolate and are unable to travel to resort.
  • In the event of Skivolution Ltd deciding not to operate ski holidays during the 2021/22 season all monies paid will be refunded in full in accordance with condition 3 hereof.
  • In the event of the aforementioned FCD&O travel restrictions being lifted (and not replaced with a restriction on terms no less restrictive), and travel to Kaprun, Austria permitted, cancellation by you would result in condition 2 above being applicable.
  1. DELAYS OR THE CONSEQUENCES OF UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES:  Skivolution Ltd are not responsible for delays or the consequences of unforeseen circumstances arising outwith our reasonable control which render the provision by us of our obligations under this contract impossible or materially more difficult including, but without limitation:- Acts of god (excluding Covid-19), flood, drought or other natural disaster, terrorist attack, armed conflict or breaking off of diplomatic relations, nuclear or chemical contamination, strikes or other industrial action.  In the event of any of these, or any other unforeseen circumstances arising, we will contact you as soon as we practicably can to inform you of the situation. If you are already in resort we will assist you in arranging return travel to the airport.  In the unlikely event of any of these occurrences no refund payment would be payable to you. These risks are deemed to be assumed by the customers and insurance should be procured to mitigate this risk as soon as possible after booking. 
  1. HOLIDAY INSURANCE: You must procure insurance including cover for the risks detailed in condition 5 above as soon as possible after making your booking. Please note that not all Winter Sports insurance will include cover for the risks described in condition 5 and care should be taken to select an appropriate and comprehensive policy.
  1. CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE FOR FLIGHTS/TRAINS: Skivolution Ltd do not organise flights or train travel although we will still provide return airport (Salzburg and Munich) transfers. Skivolution Ltd have no part in the contract between you and the charterer, airline or train company.  Please note that for returns to the various airports we will always leave a generous amount of time for the transfer journey, check-in and onward transit through the airport.  It should be noted that if, as a result of any delay owing to accident, weather, guest lateness or any other incident out of the control of Skivolution Ltd, then Skivolution Ltd will not be liable for any additional costs incurred due to missed flight or train departures. 
  1. DAMAGE: Any damage to the accommodation or any property by the client whether accidental or deliberate must be paid for in the resort. 
  1. PRICE GUARANTEE: The prices on this website are based on the foreign currency exchange rate of £1 = 1.14 euros. If the value of sterling should fall below £1 = 1.03 euros euros at any time between your initial booking and eight weeks before your arrival in resort, we reserve the right to add a surcharge to your holiday. If your final invoice has already been prepared and issued prior to eight weeks before your arrival in resort, this will be recalculated and reissued.  If you have paid your holiday balance in advance of the final invoice payment date we also reserve the right to recalculate and reissue the invoice to reflect the new outstanding balance. We guarantee to limit this surcharge to £30 per person per week. In return we cannot give refunds should exchange rates alter favourably. Only Government action or War can alter this promise. 
  1. THE SKI COURSE: The ski course (minimum 4 hours per day over 5 days) is free and included in the price of the holiday. Lessons are organised to include skiers of similar abilities. Please note that should you either not ski or choose not to join in our lessons then no reduction will be offered from our standard holiday price. Snowboard tuition is not provided as part of this package. 
  1. PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Skivolution Ltd accepts no liability for loss, delay in transit or damage to personal belongings. Where third parties are involved, providing transport or any other services, reference must be made to their respective terms and conditions, which apply to their obligations and liabilities. Skivolution Ltd cannot under any circumstances be responsible for acts or omissions of any third party. 
  1. CREDIT / DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS: Our only method of payment is by bank transfer. Payment by chque, credit or debit card is not possible.
  1. CHILDCARE: We regret that we do not provide childcare in Kaprun. 
  1. SKI HIRE: We operate our own ski hire department and our qualified Ski Technician will make every effort to ensure your ski bindings are set appropriately. To effect accurate setting our Ski Technician will request your weight and ski ability level before setting the bindings in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. However, skiing accidents do happen and in the unlikely event of an accident occurring, Skivolution Ltd takes no responsibility. Guests re-adjusting their bindings during the course of their holiday, do so at their own risk.

Skivolution Ltd Terms & Conditions 2020/21 Version 3 – effective from 8 March 2021