Ski Levels

To ensure that you are of a suitable level to get the most out of our pre-season skiing courses we suggest that you have reached a minimum of Level 4 on the scale below.  At this level you would comfortably fit in to our Lower Level Intermediates courses.

Level 0:  Complete beginner, you have never put skis on before.

Level 1:  You can put on your skis and you can snowplough.  You may have done a course on an indoor snowdome but still struggle to turn your skis in a controlled manner.

Level 2:  You have been on a one or two week ski holiday and can snowplough turn on green runs but wouldn’t be comfortable on a  steeper green run. 

Level 3:  At this level you can snowplough turn in both directions and would be comfortable on green runs.  You may have tried a blue run but prefer greens.

Level 4:  You can now ski blue runs.  You may still be skiing in a small snowplough but at times the skis are parallel.  You would feel comfortable skiing blue runs with control.

Level 5:  You are now moving onto red runs.  They may still present a challenge but you can ski parallel on blue runs and are enjoying slightly steeper terrain.

Level 6: You can now ski most of the mountain. You enjoy red runs and have tackled some blacks but need improvement in this area.  (This level is quite a jump up from Level 5).

Level 7:  At this level most of your day is spent on red and black runs and you can ski in the fall line on steeper terrain and control your speed (ie shorter turns).  You may struggle when it’s icy or in deeper snow but you like the challenge of steeper ground. 

Level 8:  Here you are now skiing on red runs comfortably in the fall line and are able to make the skis grip.  You can ski black runs.  However bumps and off piste, although manageable, need development.

Level 9:  You would be at ease in all conditions and very little would phase you.  Technically you need improvement but you like to be challenged.  You may be instructor qualified at BASI Level 2.

Level 10:  You ski very strongly and are at ease whatever the conditions and nothing would phase you.  You enjoy skiing the entire mountain.   You may have attained BASI Level 3.


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