All Mountain

All Mountain

Our All Mountain Courses are probably our most popular and aimed at skiers who enjoy tackling the entire mountain and developing their skills in all areas. 

Whilst the technical courses are very piste based and use a lot of drills the All Mountain courses still work on these points but also work on how to use those skills in the off piste.  It’s not all about powder skiing as back country skiing often involves less than perfect snow but these courses are aimed at developing your ability to cope in all snow conditions.  Good fore and aft balance is a particularly important aspect of this type of skiing and the ability to maintain good balance is a key element.  Even weight distribution and smooth round turns are key elements. 

One of the most misconstrued things you hear about off piste skiing is that you sit back.  We will explain and train you as to how important it is to balance on your skis to avoid this myth.  The shape of the turn is so important when skiing in varied snow conditions and our coaches will focus on how use lateral movement to initiate your turns and avoid forcing your skis sideways to turn (which works on the piste but is inherently unstable when skiing in loose snow).



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